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True or False

Deception and false impressions to get what is selfishly desired are everywhere...and into that world of smoke and mirrors, Jesus announces that we "can know the truth and the truth will set us free." If you're exhausted by the ever shifting and changing masquerade of the world around us, discover the rock solid foundation of a life built on the truth of God's word.


True or False #1: “True Worship”

Religion and ritual have polluted the concept of worship. Replacing relationship with rules and checklist of “do’s” and “don’ts”, most Christian miss the powerful impact of true worship. In His conversation with the woman at the well, Jesus gives us a clear definition of Who God is and how we need to worship Him. Unleash…

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True or False #2: “True Love”

God defines His very nature and character as love. Is it any wonder that the concept of love has more false definitions, more counterfeits, and more twisted understandings than almost any other subject on the planet? Jesus has a lot to say about this subject, and as we understand and experience the love of God…

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True or False #3: “False Self”

In an instant, the intimate and innocent relationship mankind had with one another and with their loving Creator was replaced with an elaborate system of deception and misdirection. We learned how to hide…and we’ve been hiding ever since. Jesus, however, removed the reason we need to hide. He made us a new creation. So, let’s…

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