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We can sing "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands" loud and strong, but it will never change the Biblical truth that God invites us to be a partner with Him in walking out His plan for our lives. One of the primary ways we engage with His purpose is by becoming aware and then becoming intentional about the seeds we plant in our lives. Our future is shaped by the seed we plant...those attitudes, emotional responses, those choices we make a hundred times every day. Harness the spiritual law of seedtime and harvest and let it change your world.


Seed #1: “Creating Our Future”

Woven throughout the Bible from beginning to end is one of the most powerful laws that governs the universe. It is also one of the most commonplace experiences of our lives, so we often miss it’s profound impact on our lives. That law? The world calls it “karma” but God identifies it as the law…

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Seed #2: “Seeds of Opportunity”

Planting a seed…it’s not a very complicated procedure. However, we often miss the impact a single seed can have on our lives because of the simplicity of the process. God gives us powerful opportunity to alter the very course of our lives with the seeds we choose to plant. Following a similar pattern of the…

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Seed #3: “Until the Harvest”

So, maybe we understand planting a seed, and perhaps we’ve been blessed with receiving a harvest of God’s blessing, but…what do we do in the difficult and sometimes long period between the time we’ve planted the seed and when we actually receive a harvest. Paul gives us the plan for exactly how to handle that…

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Seed #4: “More Blessed To Give”

The flaw that led Adam and Eve to disobey God in the Garden of Eden still remains the greatest hindrance to the development of our spiritual life today. Selfishness. The good news is that we don’t have to live selfishly, and the remedy is simpler than we know. In his final words to the church…

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