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Name Changer

Throughout the Bible, God often intervenes in the lives of His people in a unique way...He changes their name. Why? Sometimes that is the only way to get someone to look at themselves in the way that God sees them. He has to remove that anchor to the person's history and begin painting a picture of a new future...and He often starts with a name change. Do you need Him to change the name you call yourself when no one else is listening? He will.


Name Changer #1: “What Do You Call Yourself?”

It’s not always what others say about us that matters most. The most powerful voice in our life is quite often our own, so it’s important to identify what do we say about ourselves. The names we call ourselves quite clearly reveal who we think we are and what we think we are capable of…

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Name Changer #2: “Break the Family Curse”

Can you imagine cursing your baby just moments after it was born? That’s the story of Jacob, whose name literally means “the deceiver.” Without intending to, his family set his life on a path of manipulation and lies that would end up costing him dearly. It wasn’t until God intervened, changed his name to Israel…

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