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We think we're doing fine, handling the stresses of daily life, managing the disappointments and holding on to our faith for our future when out of the blue....the single and devastating kill shot of an expert sniper penetrates our chest, sending searing pain through our entire being as our mind races to determine what has happened and whether or not we can survive this shot that was intended to be fatal. The good news is that we can survive the kill shot, but we need to know how. God's word shows us just what to do.


Kill Shot #1: “In the Crosshairs”

As we continue to live on earth in enemy territory, we want to make certain that we are not exposing ourselves to those places where we are most susceptible to becoming the victim of a kill shot. Four groups of people are those most often targeted…and simply by making certain we are not in one…

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Kill Shot #2: “Assassins Among Us”

Jesus describes the complex combination of people on the planet with a simple parable about sowing wheat…and yet, the message is clear. Not everyone around us was sent by God to be a part of His plan for our lives. Sometimes, there are assassins among us, waiting to take us out with a clearly delivered…

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Kill Shot #3: “Stuck in the Step Back”

If Jesus had kill shots targeted against Him, we can be certain there will be some focused on us as well. When we experience them, the natural reaction is to step back…propelled by the physical impact, but also by the emotional shock of the moment. That’s normal, that’s expected and that’s healthy. But happens when…

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