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From it's nearly silent beginning, to it's glorious proclamation by heavenly armies, the Christmas story is a holy account of God's greatest deliverance through His Son, our Savior Jesus. This season, let your heart bask in the wonder of His holy provision through the greatest gift ever given to us.


Holy #1: “Silence”

The Christmas Story, God’s greatest story of compassion and deliverance, begins as so many of God’s epic tales begin…with silence.  Never the showman, God generally does His most miraculous acts behind the scenes in a low key manner.  His intent is not that attention be drawn, but rather that people be helped.  If you are…

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Holy #2: “Anticipation”

The Christmas story and the Christmas season are easily summarized by one word…anticipation. God’s long awaited deliverance of mankind was sought by devout men and women, and when Jesus was actually born, their expectations were met. In this season of hope, let us learn the power of holy anticipation from two who waited patiently for…

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