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Flag on the Play

We live in a highly offended world. Hurt feelings, dashed expectations, ruined moments, destroyed relationships...all evidence of being offended. To those who believe, Jesus declared a blessing on those who are not Him and by the way of life He brings for us to live. Learn how to live offense free in 2018 and avoid the "flag on the play" for being an offender in the game of life.


Flag on the Play #1: “Biblically Offended”

Human beings can get worked up about a lot of things, and if we are not careful, Christians can often call everything we disagree with a cause that Jesus wants us to change. The reality, more often than not, is that our feelings got hurt, or our expectations went unmet, and now we try to…

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Flag on the Play #2: “Unoffended by Jesus”

A hypersensitive culture, where our emotions must be handled with delicate care and our expectations should all be fully met, will struggle with Jesus. If we fail to see His heart, the reason behind what He does and why He does it, He can become the most offensive person in our lives, even to those…

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Flag on the Play #3: “Handling the Offensive”

Most people will never be Biblically offended, but it does it occur. When it does, Jesus gives us a clear, step by step manner to bring restoration to the offender. It is always God’s intention that His people be restored, and it needs to be our intention as well when dealing with those who have…

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