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We can shout loud and strong that God is in control, but it will never change the Biblical truth that God invites us to be a partner with Him in walking out His plan for our lives. One of the primary ways we engage with His purpose is by becoming aware and then becoming intentional about the seeds we plant in our lives. Our future is shaped by the seed we plant...those attitudes, emotional responses, those choices we make a hundred times every day. Harness the spiritual law of seedtime and harvest and let it change your world.

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Life comes at us fast, and sometimes, it comes at us from the wrong angle.  Rather than blessing us, we find ourselves under attack, beaten down or entirely upended.  If your life looks upside down at the moment, it’s time to trust God to flip it…turning that which was meant for your destruction into something good for you and all those you encounter.  Get flipped!


Flipped #1: “From the Prison to the Palace”

Jacob’s eleventh son is known for his dreams, but his story is so much bigger than that!  Time and time again, we see God intervene is Joseph’s life.  Not only does He rescue him, He totally flips the circumstances of his life.  Are you ready to have your world flipped for the good?  Then, take…

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Flipped #2: “Reversing the Flow of Blessing”

The selfish rule of the world around us is to fight hard to earn and than protect our “stuff”…our time, our energy, our money, our lives.  God flips that entire idea around with Jesus’s simply words…”It is more blessed to give than to receive.”  When we participate in God’s game plan for increase through a…

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Flipped #3: “From Worry to Rest”

In our generation, there is simply TOO much information to handle on a daily basis…and with all this news about things we cannot control, it’s not unusual for us to develop just a little bit of worry, and in some of us, a full fledged case of anxiety.  If you struggle with handling the stresses of…

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