Saturday, August 23, 2014

Begins August 27th

Join the men of Faith Family Church in the adventure of recapturing the power of the masculine soul. … [more]

Begins August 27th Begins August 27th

There is SO Much More

In a world that celebrates mediocrity, God promises abundance.  His love is unconditional, His creation… [more]

There is SO Much More There is SO Much More

Begins June 25th

We may not feel "happy" every moment of every day, but we certainly can increase the chances of experiencing… [more]

Begins June 25th Begins June 25th

Men’s Bible Study

Beginning Wednesday, January 29th, dive into the Old Testament characters that form the history of our… [more]

Men’s Bible Study Men's Bible Study

Current Message Series

Never Settle #3: “Conquering the Counterfeits” Never Settle #3: “Conquering the Counterfeits”

Sometimes we work so hard to convince ourselves that something is a blessing when... 

Never Settle #2: “Empowering the Promise Never Settle #2: “Empowering the Promise

Open the God’s Word, the Bible, and we will find one promise after another... 

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Alyssa Devericks Alyssa Devericks

Alyssa is no stranger to ministry….it has been, well, her life!  The oldest... 

Pastor Jay and Shannon Zetterlund Pastor Jay and Shannon Zetterlund

Jay and Shannon Zetterlund are passionate about life, whether it is investing into... 

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Message Library

Soul Survivor #4: “Starting the Fire” Soul Survivor #4: “Starting the Fire”

Our soul….that complex segment of our lives that houses our thoughts, our emotions and our will….is a like a classic car that God is waiting to restore to “mint” condition.  Life offers plenty of dents and dusty roads to destroy our soul, but God has a plan to make certain it retains His designed power and beauty.  Our... [Read more of this review]

Soul Survivor #3:  “Our Soul Speaks” Soul Survivor #3: “Our Soul Speaks”

We know our bodies talk to us all the time letting us know when we are hungry or sleepy.  God speaks to us through our spirit, so we understand that language as well.  Our soul also speaks, and most generally, it comes through the voice of our emotions.  For many Christians, we’ve determined that emotions are wrong, even sinful…but like... [Read more of this review]

Soul Survivor #2  “The Prisons We Build” Soul Survivor #2 “The Prisons We Build”

We are literally bombarded with thousands of messages every day, each one sent with the same intention….to change the way we think.  Some of these thoughts have very little significance.  Others, however, have eternal consequences attached to them.  As we take care of our soul, we must become aware of what thoughts control us, especially those... [Read more of this review]

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