Saturday, August 2, 2014

Will You Survive?

Created in the image of our Triune God, man has three incredibly important and yet very distinct parts. … [more]

Will You Survive? Will You Survive?

Begins June 25th

We may not feel "happy" every moment of every day, but we certainly can increase the chances of experiencing… [more]

Begins June 25th Begins June 25th

Men’s Bible Study

Beginning Wednesday, January 29th, dive into the Old Testament characters that form the history of our… [more]

Men’s Bible Study Men's Bible Study

Current Message Series

Soul Survivor #4: “Starting the Fire” Soul Survivor #4: “Starting the Fire”

Our soul….that complex segment of our lives that houses our thoughts, our emotions... 

Soul Survivor #3:  “Our Soul Speaks” Soul Survivor #3: “Our Soul Speaks”

We know our bodies talk to us all the time letting us know when we are hungry or... 

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Alyssa Devericks Alyssa Devericks

Alyssa is no stranger to ministry….it has been, well, her life!  The oldest... 

Pastor Jay and Shannon Zetterlund Pastor Jay and Shannon Zetterlund

Jay and Shannon Zetterlund are passionate about life, whether it is investing into... 

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Message Library

The Works #5:  “The Finished Work of Jesus” The Works #5: “The Finished Work of Jesus”

When someone turns their heart over to God, Jesus doesn’t head back to the cross to die for them.  His one death paid the price for all who will believe in Him forever.  Most Christians don’t struggle with that concept that He has already taken care of it all concerning our salvation.  However, the startling revelation from God’s... [Read more of this review]

The Works #4:  “The Work of the Holy Spirit” The Works #4: “The Work of the Holy Spirit”

God the Father, we understand.  Jesus, the Son of God we totally know and love…but, God, the Holy Spirit?  Why is it that the One Person of the Godhead we spend the most time with is the One we know and understand the very least.  Jesus makes the purpose of the Holy Spirit very clear in John 14 and 16…the One Who comes in my Name... [Read more of this review]

The Works #3: “The Work of Love” The Works #3: “The Work of Love”

Of all the “works” God does in us, none is more powerful or more important than revealing His love to us and then teaching us how to extend that love to those around us.  Loving someone else unconditionally may be the single most difficult thing we will be called to do as God’s people, but it is also one of the most life changing... [Read more of this review]

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