Life is always changing,
but Jesus is our unchanging foundation
when everything else is moving.

Equip yourself with resources to live your best life now

The greatest challenge in following Jesus is exchanging the ideas, thoughts and attitudes we have absorbed from the world around us.  Contrary to God's ultimate design for our lives, these thoughts actually set us at war with God Himself...the very one we say we desire to follow.  There is hope, however, to end the Mind Wars within as we renew our mind to the Word of God and experience the life and peace we crave.!

We Are Family

It’s not defined by bloodline or DNA, nor by ethnic, economic or traditional boundaries.  Family doesn’t just happen. It’s created by those who desire to love and to be loved, and to build relationships that are safe and supportive, so that together, life is worth the journey.  If you’re missing genuine and authentic family, then it’s time to come home to Faith Family Church and find what you’ve been missing!