Sunday, February 1, 2015

Starts January 28th

Join the laughter and the learning from the national Women of Faith® Conferences in this special five… [more]

Starts January 28th Starts January 28th

New Men’s Book Study

Sure, we know this  Love doesn't come easy for men.  It's not a part of our natural wiring,… [more]

New Men’s Book Study New Men's Book Study

It’s Noisy Out There

The world makes noise, lots of it. Voices from everywhere demand our attention, and often the messages… [more]

It’s Noisy Out There It's Noisy Out There

Current Message Series

He Whispers #4: “Becoming Sons and Daughters” He Whispers #4: “Becoming Sons and Daughters”

Sometimes the greatest messages of the Bible are hidden in the understanding of the... 

He Whispers #3: “Yielding to the Deep” He Whispers #3: “Yielding to the Deep”

The Holy Spirit is the creative force of the physical and spiritual universe, Who... 

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Alyssa Devericks Alyssa Devericks

Alyssa is no stranger to ministry….it has been, well, her life!  The oldest... 

Pastor Jay and Shannon Zetterlund Pastor Jay and Shannon Zetterlund

Jay and Shannon Zetterlund are passionate about life, whether it is investing into... 

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Message Library

One #4: “Eternal King” One #4: “Eternal King”

At Christmas, we focus on the birth of Jesus, the Baby born in a manger, the Savior come to deliver us from the penalty of our sin. He was so much more, however, then just our ticket out of hell.  He was born to become King of kings and Lord of lords.  Seeing an infant asleep in a straw-filled manger may not fill us with the awe of an adult ruler... [Read more of this review]

One #3: “Great Light” One #3: “Great Light”

From the fall of Adam until the birth of Jesus, mankind existed in darkness.  Oh, the sun rose and the stars shone, but our hearts were incapable of holding the revelation of God within us.  Is it any wonder God used a star to announce the birth of His Son, and the end of mankind’s isolation in the shadows?  This Christmas, let the “great... [Read more of this review]

One #2: “Epic Night” One #2: “Epic Night”

We have become very accustomed to the quaint nativity scenes we see decorating lawns and coffee tables, but on the night that Jesus was born in that stable in Bethlehem, so much more was going on.  As our planet stops to revisit the birth of the greatest Gift every given, let us consider the epic proportion of this pivotal moment for mankind.  This... [Read more of this review]

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