In a word, 
God's story is about relationship....

with Him, with ourselves and with one another.

Equip yourself with resources to live your best life now

We have no idea what kind of impact our words have on the world around us.  Not only can we totally destroy or enhance the day for someone else, we can also make our life a slice of heaven or a literal hell, simply by being unaware of the influence of our words.  Speak life, speak truth, speak good and release God's power into our lives!


We Are Family

It’s not defined by bloodline or DNA, nor by ethnic, economic or traditional boundaries.  Family doesn’t just happen. It’s created by those who desire to love and to be loved, and to build relationships that are safe and supportive, so that together, life is worth the journey.  If you’re missing genuine and authentic family, then it’s time to come home to Faith Family Church and find what you’ve been missing!