Jesus came for one,
singular and powerful purpose...
to recreate the family that had been lost!

Equip yourself with resources to live your best life now

Deception and false impressions to get what is selfishly desired are everywhere...and into that world of smoke and mirrors, Jesus announces that we "can know the truth and the truth will set us free." If you're exhausted by the ever shifting and changing masquerade of the world around us, discover the rock solid foundation of a life built on the truth of God's word.

We Are Family

It’s not defined by bloodline or DNA, nor by ethnic, economic or traditional boundaries.  Family doesn’t just happen. It’s created by those who desire to love and to be loved, and to build relationships that are safe and supportive, so that together, life is worth the journey.  If you’re missing genuine and authentic family, then it’s time to come home to Faith Family Church and find what you’ve been missing!