Friday, September 19, 2014

Nothing is Hidden From His Eyes

We've all misplaced something in our lives...our keys, our glasses, our cellphone.  How diligently do… [more]

Nothing is Hidden From His Eyes Nothing is Hidden From His Eyes

With Keynote Speaker Sharon Jaynes

Friday, September 19th and Saturday, September 20th at Camp Appanoose in Plano, Iowa (just west of Centerville) We… [more]

With Keynote Speaker Sharon Jaynes With Keynote Speaker Sharon Jaynes

Beginning August 29th

Grab your lawn chair or blanket, and a healthy dose of team spirit and head to Calvert Stadium...for… [more]

Beginning August 29th Beginning August 29th

Begins August 27th

Join the men of Faith Family Church in the adventure of recapturing the power of the masculine soul. … [more]

Begins August 27th Begins August 27th

Begins June 25th

We may not feel "happy" every moment of every day, but we certainly can increase the chances of experiencing… [more]

Begins June 25th Begins June 25th

Current Message Series

Lost & Found #2:  “Losing Immaturity” Lost & Found #2: “Losing Immaturity”

In Luke 15, Jesus uses three parables to illustrate God’s heart for those who... 

Lost & Found #1: “The Paradox of Loss” Lost & Found #1: “The Paradox of Loss”

From the beginning of mankind’s story, we can see the recurring theme of “Lost... 

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Alyssa Devericks Alyssa Devericks

Alyssa is no stranger to ministry….it has been, well, her life!  The oldest... 

Pastor Jay and Shannon Zetterlund Pastor Jay and Shannon Zetterlund

Jay and Shannon Zetterlund are passionate about life, whether it is investing into... 

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Message Library

Never Settle #5: “Becoming the Blessing” Never Settle #5: “Becoming the Blessing”

From the very first blessing pronounced on Abraham to the powerful declaration of Jesus, we see that God’s ultimate plan to bless is unchanged through the ages….that we be blessed and that we become a blessing.  Growing up in God is growing to the place that our life is lived more to bless than to receive blessing from God and others. ... [Read more of this review]

Never Settle #4:  “Overcoming the Obstacles” Never Settle #4: “Overcoming the Obstacles”

Take a moment and dig into your Bible and one message will definitely begin to unfold.  God wants His people BLESSED!  If that’s the case, why don’t we see greater blessing in the lives of those who are a part of God’s family.  The largest obstacles to blessing might just surprise you, and removing them is not difficult…if... [Read more of this review]

Never Settle #3: “Conquering the Counterfeits” Never Settle #3: “Conquering the Counterfeits”

Sometimes we work so hard to convince ourselves that something is a blessing when in reality, it is not a blessing at all.  It is a counterfeit, and it’s taking up space in our lives where God wants us to experience His genuine blessing.  God’s blessings are easy to recognize.  James gives us a clear, three point definition of His blessing... [Read more of this review]

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